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Join our line up of unique merchants in our merchant marketplace. Most of our merchants will be nestled under large pine trees which provide shade through out the day. We will limit the number of merchants to insure a wide variety of goods. The merchant application is below. Please fill it out and send it in for us to consider your booth. Food merchants will need to complete a separate application by contacting:
Please indicate which of our events you would like to participate in.
You are invited to participate in has many events as you wish. Only one application will be needed if your merchant booth is the same from one event to the next. For different booth configurations and/or number of days for the event, a separate application will be required.
Please indicate your agreement to the following:
Only registered & approved food merchants may sell food & beverages. A separate application is required of food merchants. Please contact: for the current forms.
Booth’s are to reflect an appropriate theme for the event. Preference will be given to handcrafted items, made by the merchant. No general stores will be allowed. Originality in booth display and costumes will be appreciated. Idyllwild Festivals Inc (IFI) will make every effort to avoid duplication of products, but no merchant will be granted exclusive rights to any one product.
Booth sizes include: stakes, guy wires or ropes, display areas, awnings and storage areas. Location of the merchants booths will be assigned by Idyllwild Festivals Inc and all decisions are final. No early tear downs will be allowed unless prior arrangements have been accepted by IFI.
No electricity or water available in the merchant areas. Rain or shine, there will be no refunds once your application is accepted and fees are paid.
All Merchants are responsible for providing IFI with their own liability insurance, naming IFI and the venue as additionally insured and must comply with all federal, state and local jurisdictional requirements. The Idyllwild Fire Protection District & IFI will be inspecting the sites. Merchant agrees to comply with all IFI terms, conditions, rules and regulations as shown on the attached pages.
The Merchant agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, defend, release, and forever discharge Idyllwild Festivals Inc (IFI) and the Venue, its officers, agents, employees, and any person or persons under its direction and control of its activities from any and all claims, causes of action and liability arising from or in any way connected to participation in this event inspecting the sites.
Terms and Conditions
Once approved, you will receive an email confirming approval of your Application-Contract, an invoice and additional instructions pertaining to load in/load out procedures. Your Application-Contract is not valid until all the fees are received. A 50% non-refundable deposit will be accepted with the balance due by the deadline for each event.
Rain or shine, there will be no refunds once your application is accepted and fees are paid.
Deadlines for each event are as follows. A 25% late fee will be added for applications submitted after the deadlines indicated.
Celtic Faire – April 14, 2023
Western Steampunk Symposium – May 26, 2023
Renaissance Faire – September 8, 2023
Viking Yule Feast – December 1, 2023
Please select the size booth you require from the list below.
Please note the cost difference for a three day event and a one day event.
Please upload images of the items you intend to sell and a picture of the front of your booth. Representative images are acceptable. (5 MP max. - jpg, png, pdf files only.)
Will you need lodging outside of your booth? (Two workers may stay in your booth overnight.)
There is a limited amount of lodging available on a first come, first served basis. You will need to contact to secure a spot.
Please review and accept the Booth Display Requirements and the General Rules and Regulations following this page.
Booth Display Requirements
1. Booths shall attempt to be constructed as they may have been for the specific event. Hand-built booths shall be placed with other hand-built booths to create an authentic marketplace. There will be a merchant area for pop-ups and/or modern tents, but we ask that they be covered, disguised, and appropriately decorated.
2. Products for sale should be items that may have been bought or sold for the specific event. Idyllwild is an area that may have existed during the time frame of the event. Being on a trade route and in the West allows for unique products and wares. Some latitude may be allowed, but no flea market, day-glo, or mass produced items are to be allowed. The vendors shall promote a general ambiance of the specific event for our guests to immerse themselves in.
3. Items not submitted for prior approval by IFI may not be displayed or sold.
4. Merchants are responsible for their own set-up and tear down during the designated time frames. No set-up or tear down outside of the designated time frames. No exceptions.
5. Merchants are responsible for the maintenance of their booth space. Each booth shall have and maintain a trash bin. Trash shall be deposited in the large trash bins provided by IFI as the need arises. Booths must be maintained in an orderly and pleasing way.
6. Merchants must restrict their booths and all accessories to their designated areas. This includes poles, stakes, guy wires or ropes, display areas, awnings and storage areas.
7. Merchants are to provide all their own tables, chairs, racks, etc. needed for the operation of their booth. NO ELECTRICITY OR WATER WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE BOOTH SITES.
8. Some booths will be in direct sun, so shade covers are recommended. Shade covers shall be fire-resistant per the Fire Department requirements.
9. Be prepared for inclement weather by having tarps and covers for your booth.
10. Booths may be on uneven, dirt surfaces. No digging or leveling of the ground will be allowed.
11. No electronics such as, televisions, radios, or amplified music are to be used. There will be WiFi available for credit card processing. Battery lights are permitted.
12. All booths must have an approved and currently tagged fire extinguisher approved by the local Fire Department.
13. All booth participants should be in period costume and in character while on the Festival site. Green rooms will be made available for participants to get away from the public and relax during break times.
14. Booths must be staffed and open for business at all times the Faire is in operation.
15. No food or beverages may be sold or given away without prior IFI approval and the proper health department permits secured.
16. Booth operators are responsible for all required taxes, fees and permits. This includes, but is not limited to; Federal, State, Fire, County or Local Jurisdictional codes and ordinances.
17. Pets may be allowed in and around the booth, but must be on a leash or secured at all times and have been approved by IFI prior to coming on site. Pets must have all current, required vaccinations. Participants are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and disposing of their litter in an approved trash bin. Unruly or pets deemed dangerous or unsafe shall be removed from the Faire site immediately.
18. Idyllwild Festivals Inc strives to provide a safe and fun experience for all of our participants and guests. Please join us in creating the best Festivals in Idyllwild ever!
General Rules and Regulations
1. All participants shall maintain a general sense of well-being and a fun and exciting attitude in order to promote a great experience for our patrons.
2. Participant badges will be issued and must be worn at all times in a manner that security can confirm the participants are authorized to be on the Festival site. Anyone without a participants badge will be escorted to the front gate where they may secure a badge, if allowed.
3. Absolutely No Smoking/Vaping except in clearly marked and designated smoking areas.
4. All weapons must be inspected by our security team prior to entering the Festival site. Weapons shall be “peace-tied,” sheathed and secured at all times. Anyone brandishing or threatening with a weapon will be immediately expelled from the Festival site without any reimbursement. Our security team will determine what constitutes a weapon and whether it is secured adequately. Their decision is final.
5. Fires are to be strictly controlled and approved by the local Fire Department prior to any fire being used. Don’t plan on having a fire until you have submitted a request and it has been approved by the local Fire Department.
6. Under no circumstances are illegal controlled substances to be allowed on the Festival site. Anyone with these items in their possession, while on the Festival site, will be subject to immediate expulsion and/or arrest.
7. Minors under the age of twenty-one (21) are prohibited from consuming, handling or purchasing alcoholic beverages.
8. Drunkenness, unruly or out of control behavior will result in immediate expulsion from the Festival site with no refunds.
9. Quite times – Out of respect for your fellow participants, quite times will be from 10:00 PM until 7:00 AM. No loud parties or debates shall be tolerated.
10. Lodging is available at local Idyllwild establishments. Please check with our Lodging Director for information.
11. Overnight security will be provided, but IFI, the security team, officers and its agents are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
12. Participants consent to the use of their names, photographs, images, recorded voice or music by IFI, its employees or agents for the purpose of commercial and/or promotional use only.
13. All facilities, materials, supplies, and equipment that belongs to IFI or to the venue, used by the participants, shall be maintained and cared for so as to be returned in a clean, usable condition upon the conclusion of the event. Failure to do so may result in a maintenance fee of $50 per hour and the cost of repairing or replacing the items. The participants will be required to reimburse IFI and the venue for any and all repairs or damages to any venue facility, which occurred during the event, and/or which were caused by the direct action or inaction of the participants. Participants are to notify IFI immediately of any damaged or unsafe items prior to its use.
14. All booths are to provide a legible sign with the Name of the merchant, address and phone number, clearly displayed and visible to the public.
15. In order to provide a pleasant and trouble-free event, any questions, concerns or comments must be submitted in writing via email to: prior to submitting this form, in order for us to address these issues. Last minute issues or issues not handled prior to the event will necessarily be handled as we see fit. All decisions and directions given by IFI are final.
If you would rather download a .pdf file to fill out on your own, please go to the pdf form below this form. You can download the form and either fill it out on your computer or print it out, fill it out and send it in to Idyllwild Festivals Inc PO Box 3533 Idyllwild, CA 92549 , or email to The form must be postmarked by the deadlines for each event you wish to participate in.
Thank you for your interest in joining our Festivals. When you have completed the application, please click on the Send button. You will see a message indicating that your application was sent unless you didn't complete one of the required fields.

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You can download, review and print our Merchant Application Form as a pdf file if you would rather not fill out the online form.
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Return completed form to: Idyllwild Festivals Inc PO Box 3533 Idyllwild, CA 92549 or email a scan to: